St. Charles Market Occupancy Begins in Beechwood Village

A Modern and Historic Welcome Home to New Residents

St. Charles Market Occupancy Begins in Beechwood Village

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Modbox Inc. is pleased to announce that occupancy has started at our St. Charles Market development in Beechwood Village. Level 2 is available to residents as of Friday, November 6, 2020; the remaining condominiums and townhouse units will open for occupancy in the coming months.

Modbox has worked fastidiously to keep the 55-unit project moving forward since the start of the pandemic despite the unprecedented challenges. Credit for our steady progress belongs to the entire team, including our trusted builder, sub-trades, suppliers, and design team, and we thank them all for their dedication.

Health and safety are always priorities for Modbox. To protect staff and future residents, we promptly implemented rigorous health and safety measures for COVID-19 both on-site and at the sales office in March, and have continued to maintain these measures in compliance with evolving guidelines from public health officials.

“St. Charles Market offers beautiful, livable homes in a vibrant neighbourhood, but because of the pandemic, some behind-the-scenes aspects of the design have become almost as compelling as the attractiveness and quality of the build. Residents have been pleased to learn, for example, that each unit has an isolated air circulation system with fresh air intakes, designed to optimize air quality and help prevent the transmission of airborne pathogens. But with the seismic shift toward working from home, buyers are also recognizing that life is more pleasant if their home is well-designed, built with care, and has all the amenities within walking distance.” Chantal Smith, Modbox Director of Sales and Marketing.

Only five units remain, ranging in size from 1720sf to 3900sf. It is still possible to select custom finishes for these units, but time is limited as the project progresses toward completion.

“When we officially launched the development just over three years ago, Be Part of the Transformation was a vision and marketing slogan that we hoped would inspire others in the community. It is exciting to see that the transformation has now become a reality as residents in the community have worked together to help Beechwood Village become one of the hottest places to live in Ottawa—all while retaining its unique character and respecting its history.” Darryl Squires, Modbox CEO.