ModBox is a boutique property development company with a focus on building modern residences in select Ottawa neighbourhoods. We are discerning about the development projects that are undertaken and ensure that each project meets our criteria to build. Once a project is underway, you can rest assured that;

  1. The neighbourhood is urban and interesting
  2. Its style is contemporary and intelligent
  3. The home is of exceptional quality and remarkable value
  4. Sustainable materials and practices applied wherever possible

ModBox introduces new thinking to modern living in urban Ottawa. Challenging convention, our projects are developed on a human scale and perfectly suited to today’s contemporary lifestyle. The homes we design and build respond to (and celebrate!) Ottawa’s ebullient city life. Through architecture and intelligent design, we create beautiful, unique modern homes of unparalleled quality.


Bringing modern and cool to Ottawa

In recent years the City has made efforts to increase intensification in Ottawa’s urban core and encourage individuals to live in the city rather than in its suburban outskirts. ModBox sees this movement as an opportunity to capture the city’s burgeoning vibrance and introduce new thinking to urban dwellings.

For too long home owners have come to expect that bigger is better and that cookie-cutter suburban homes are as good as it gets. In many ways large suburban homes are the antithesis of the ModBox home. We are challenging the convention that people need to move outside the city in order to get everything that they want and need out of their homes. Check out the projects to learn more on our approach to urban dwelling and lifestyle.



Building a better experience through great design

Our approach to each project is to think expansively about what it means to live in today’s urban environment and to construct homes that suit the modern lifestyle. Our focus is on smart design that makes the most of the space available and gives plenty of room for the occupants to live, work and play. We’ve thought about what it is to live in the city and responded to the modern, urban lifestyle with some innovative design ideas. From flexible spaces that can change to suit different scenarios to indoor gardens, roof top terraces, high ceilings and strategically positioned windows that create wonderful ambiance and provide abundant light. The ModBox home is about creating an experience for the day-to-day in a logical, practical and beautiful way.



An integrated approach to being green

The term “sustainable” implies simply that; actions if continued, will not lead to a degradation of our environment. The straightforward concept is an integral component in each ModBox development.  We also understand that every decision pertaining to sustainability involves a series of trade-offs between function, cost, design and efficiency. In an effort to balance all the variables we continually consider, contemplate and debate ideals in sustainability at each step in the design and building processes. Although opportunities to be sustainable change from one project to the next, years of experience and research have led us to compile some universal observations on sustainability;

  • Environmental impact is a function of the products and energy used to build a house as well as the ongoing energy usage of the structure
  • Wood harvested from federally certified forests (i.e. sustainable forest practices) represents net carbon storage – an environmental benefit
  • Petroleum products, chemicals, concrete and steel use large amounts of energy in manufacturing, delivery and installation and their extraction and manufacturing process are major polluters
  • Mitigating energy usage is somewhere between 5x and 10x as cost effective as generating clean energy
  • Domestic employment supports the fabric of our society, generates tax revenues that support environmental and social initiatives and puts more people in a financial position to be able to make sustainable choices
  • Living in a modestly sized home on a transit route will dramatically reduce household energy consumption
  • A tighter building envelope yields better results than all of the other possible initiatives combined

Examples of some sustainable practices that we have used include:

  • Reclaimed/salvaged materials
  • Designing to take advantage of passive solar heating and cooling
  • Sourcing local materials and inputs
  • Maximize energy efficiencies through building materials – ICF foundation and spray foam insulation
  • Radiant heating
  • Green roof
  • Operable sky lights to reduce summer heat loads
  • Solar heating



We Ottawa

As urban developers, we recognize that Ottawa offers the ideal backdrop for our projects. This city has it all and it’s all close! Restaurants, shops, art galleries, cultural centres, festivals, paths, trails and rivers. There is an abundance of amazing activity in this city and it will only increase with the completion of some high-profile and large-scale projects like the light-rail system, the Landsdown development and expansions several shopping malls. With all that is happening in Ottawa right now, it’s the best place to build and to live. Visit “we heart ottawa” blog to see why.