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The St. Charles Church and surrounding property in Vanier are both historic and culturally significant. The Church was built in 1908 and served its community for over 100 years before being closed by the Archdiocese in 2010. The church has a Heritage designation and its main three facades and bell tower will be maintained.

The preliminary design phase to develop this site has begun. The expected completion of this project is 2018.


Introducing St. Charles Market. We’ve reimagined how to use this iconic property, which, for more than 100 years, was a gathering place for many communities. Designed by the award-winning Ottawa architecture firm, Linebox Studio, this development will feature unmistakably modern townhomes and stacked residences that wrap around the historic St. Charles Church (1908), creating an intimate village-within-a-village.

At its heart is the former church with its landmark bell tower. Its interior will be carefully restored and adapted to accommodate a year-round market featuring carefully curated local vendors as well as cafes and restaurants. Outside the market and sandwiched between the residences will be beautiful and unexpected public spaces. A sculpture garden, a seasonal al fresco farmers market, patios and seating will all revive this site, making it a lovely and unique gathering place once again.

Bringing new life to an incredible site.