Finally, an authentic loft building is available in Ottawa!  Construction on the all new Mechanicsville lofts is set to begin within the year.


The design for Mechanicsville Lofts was inspired by the true (hard) lofts of Manhattan in New York City and some of the contemporary (soft) lofts in Toronto and Montreal. Hard lofts are once-functional factories or warehouses that have been transformed into an expansive dwelling with rugged detailing and exposed services. Contemporary soft lofts offer high ceilings, big windows, and open concept floor plans with softer detailing, concealed ducts, plumbing and electrical services.

The Mechanicsville Lofts offers the best of both worlds: an entirely new build with all the elements of true hard lofts plus the comforts and efficiencies of well-built, modern dwellings. Our lofts offer a unique, industrial take on contemporary luxury.