New Pricing for Mechanicsville Lofts!


By Jennifer Horvath on September 29, 2016

We’ve introduced new pricing for our Mechanicsville Lofts development! Our original pricing included all the upgrades and options already, we wanted to be able to offer buyers the complete package with no need to upgrade. We noticed however that not all buyers were interested in all the options that we had inherently made available. To address this,  we developed “choice” pricing where we offer a high quality base and then give buyers more choices in terms of options and upgrades.


We didn’t actually reduce our pricing, we just simplified the initial offering. What was important to us as we restructured our pricing model was that the baseline offer remain high quality.  Often times developers offer a relatively inexpensive entry price but this is for a very basic unit. Our baseline model still includes some pretty amazing upgrades. These are items that we are not willing to compromise on and that we feel each ModBox home owner is entitled to receive regardless of any upgrades selected.

Upgrade packages available:

highresscreenshot00006-copy highresscreenshot00008-copy

For more detailed information on the packages available, contact us!